The name, “Building Wildlife” was originally proposed by a local authority biodiversity champion to emphasise the interrelationship between development and nature conservation Building Wildlife is a Registered Company ‘Building Wildlife Trust Limited’ and as a proposed registered Charity ‘ Building Wildlife’.

great crested new or water dragonIt is operationally trading as ‘Building Wildlife’ or BW. BW defines its charitable remit fairly broadly; allowing it scope to support wildlife conservation and promote good practice in connection with development and other human activities/ land uses – while giving a focus this does not constrain future development of the organisation. It’s main purpose is to:

  • Facilitate the strategic action, including–holder  of financial resources associated with smaller scale developments–Targeted dissemination of grants–Amalgamation of resources for the purposes of enabling composite land acquisition and facilitating strategic conservation action.
  • Develop and implement spatial conservation action for identified habitats and species, including identification of conservation objectives